“Working with Priya has been Amazing! I started off at 81.2 k g with 29% body fat. And was able to drop those numbers down healthily. Within 3 months, I was down 10 kg and my body fat drop for 7%! Her plan was easy to follow and I did not feel hungry or out of energy at anypoint during my time in her program. Just needed to acquire some taste for food I have never really tried before. Which was a nice change. After I work with Priya for 2 months, I easily continue my own for another month. And the result was still amazing. Highly recommend joining Priya program for anyone who wants to lose weight healthily and easily. All you need is power of will and some discipline and Priya will definitely get you to the level you want to go!”

“I invited Priya as a speaker for our event HAUS Talks, because of her knowledge and impressive educational background in the field of nutrition. She delivered her talk professionally with a great presence and a clear message. The communication went very smoothly, I felt that Priya responded quickly and always made sure that my concerns were taking care of. She is competent and easy to work with, which made my experience with her fun and enjoyable. If you are looking for an experienced coach, who makes sure that you are getting a valuable service to progress you towards your goals, then I can highly recommend Priya.”

“Priya has not just only just supported me with fantastic ideas and recipes, but has also developed my knowledge and understanding of food nutrition and also balancing timings of what and when.”

“Eating healthy is not difficult for me any more after meeting Dr. Priya! Love how i want to find healthier choices for myself. Thank you Dr. Priya for your warm messages, and courage ❤”

“There’s a saying out there that 70% is nutrition when it comes to a good body. That couldn’t have been further from the truth in my case. I was and am still an active individual, hitting the gym, pumping iron, sweating it out on the gym floor with high intensity training and playing team sports. But my diet was all over the place and that 70% I neglected showed physically, aesthetically and performance-wise. Leave it to Dr. Priya to fix that out for you (me). She analyzed my activity level and goals and developed a personalozed meal plan that not only got results, but also one where it was easy for me to stick to later on. I highly recommend to have her help you achieve your goals and to fix that 70% for you.”

“I have been exercising for over 2 years, and between these two years one of the goals I have has been to lean bulk and gain weight. Although I have gained some weight along the way I never reached the point I am today. Only recently after consulting with Dr. Priya, I have been able to achieve this goal. Working with Dr. Priya is easy, she addresses your goals and specific desires using simple every day recipes and nutrition education to help achieve your goals. I have recommended Dr. Priya to my friends and family as I trust in her knowledge and credibility. Most importantly, what makes Dr. Priya stand out from the rest of Nutritionists for me is her Ivy League degree and her supportive and personality, she will give you a support you need to achieve all your goals.”

“Working with Dr. Priya has been a very eye-opening experience. I was fit before, loved sport, but I always struggled with weight loss in a healthy sustainable way. She is super supportive, and always made sure I understand the importance of losing body fat and not being too fixated on the number on the scale. She helped me out with my grocery shopping and ingredient selection, but also when I had (a lot of) questions regarding my meal plan. She explained to me efficiently how she calculated my calorie intake, and always replied immediately when I would get stuck or hangry – she would be there with alternative healthy snacking options. It is lovely to work with her as she does have a very hands-on and real life situation approach – nothing superficial and there is NO product selling. I highly recommend her and have to most of my friend and colleaques as her advise is easy to follow and incorporate into my busy full-time job lifestyle. I have already cooked some of the recipes for my friends and have received several compliments. Thank you so much!!!!”

“Dr Priya’s system works! It wasn’t so hard to stick to because the meals are varied, tasty and I never felt deprived! In 90 days, I didn’t feel hungry once! Her system is a handy combination of repetition and variety. Breakfast options rotate through a cycle so you learn them which makes shopping and prep a breeze. Lunch and dinner introduce you to a variety of new recipes. And you can tell Dr Priya is very intentional with each website she sends you to because she makes very precise modifications to the given recipes. The recipes are straight forward and teach you the healthy way to cook. For example, I’ll never make chicken salad or egg salad the traditional way again; Dr. Priya’s chosen recipes are delicious yet so much healthier. Dr. Priya patiently counsels you through all that misinformation regarding nutrition. Her system is well thought out and, if you follow it, it works!”

“My son has been on the obese side since childhood & with the help of Dr. Priya he has lost 25 kgs in 6 months . She has been very prompt to his queries & helped him curb his foodie habits by replacing junk food over eating healthy food . He religiously follows her & updates her with his regular fitness activities & meals. She is the best nutritionist & I highly recommend her.”

“My wife introduced me to Priya as i was struggling with my high cholesterol and weight. Upon starting work with her i realized that while i thought i was eating healthy i actually was not which was mind boggling! Im in my second month already and the results of the changes to my diet are already showing! Thanks Priya”