Monthly Meal plans

Food and nutrition

What you will receive: An in-depth history consultation

Please take a look at the consult page where you decide which consult you would like to start with.

Over the hour when, we meet or speak we will go over all your experiences with food, any blood reports, current routine, what’s working for you and what areas you need most help with. We will cover food intake, exercise, sleep, stress and anything else that might be impacting your overall health.

From there, I will personalise your meal plan with the right foods that work for your body that are tailored and individualized to your goals. You will be delivered a meal plan on a weekly basis that is portioned out and tailored to your goals.

If necessary I also provide a dining out guide through which you will learn to make smarter choices when you are not home.

Each monthly meal plan package offers 4 check-ins where you and I discuss over the phone (or email) how your week went. You will be asked to send me a copy of your diet log from the week – here I ask you to be as honest as you can with me, providing me with an accurate depiction of how you did.

In between sessions, I am available by e-mail if any questions come up or if you want to share updates. I am here to support you each step of the way and am looking forward to working with you.