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Proflex Whey Protein Pure Isolate (5lb)

Proflex Whey Protein Pure Isolate (5lb)

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100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate with no added flavors.

Pure whey allows consumers to add fruits and ingredients of their choice to suit their dietary needs.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) content -  assists in accelerating post workout muscle recovery, reduces fatigue, and helps the body convert fat to fuel for energy.

29 grams of pure Isolate protein per serving of 32 grams.
Zero grams of fat & sugar.

Easy to consume with Great taste - pure  & fresh FDA approved ingredients.
Protein is Easily Absorbed  & digested by the body.
Strengthens, repairs, & nourishes muscles
Promotes growth of new muscles.
Provides protein replenishment to the body.
Consumption post workout assists the body to switch form catabolic (muscle wasting) to anabolic state (muscle building).

Proflex Pure Whey Protein Isolate is suitable for Lactose Intolerant people.
Voted by consumers at the purest whey protein in the market.